Life after the end

December 1st.

The show is paused.  Drake and Blue are in a temporal holding pattern until further notice.  Life has gotten in the way.  Sorry.


Nov. 16-Road is a calling but that Jeep though.

Well, here we are.  It’s time I get moving on once again; I come out of the hotel and what do I see?  One bad ass Jeep!  I gotta find this guy and chat survival vehicles with him.  Just from looking, that bad boy look like you could throw a few big guns on it in different places and looks like quite a bit of storage.  I think I’ll go into the coffee shop and wait for this guy.  I think he may be a prepper or possibly militia or actual military, can’t wait to run into this guy.  Time for some coffee and maybe a piece of pie or something.  I’ll talk more about what route I’m taking when I can stop drooling about this Jeep.

Blue out!

Nov 15 – Balance and Babes

Not a vary long post today and been lacking sleep for a few days.  Made it into Raleigh and stayed there off balance for a few days.  Today feel better.  Like this place is losing my direction or something.  The people seem nice and about off balance as well.  Went to eat and watched an old lady about fall into the road.  Lucky for her I was not off at that moment. Guessing she would have been a hood ornament or part of some guy’s fender.  Other oddities were the animals. I buried my head into the room I was in and made sure it was not a window to the world type windowed room.

Nabbed food and beer at a tour I was on at a brewery near the place I was in.  Cool thing was, it is walking distance.  So awake at 21:52 and posting on here. Try to keep up on this as I can but the wasteland calls.  The Monster is still ready to go and no one bothered her since I was parked next to another cool survival looking vehicle.  Maybe try and find this guy and chat about vehicles. A few ladies were running a tour of pubs and stopped me to chat about that when I was about to go eat.  So here I go again, going to keep the beer time low and they assured me they would make sure I eat.

Done for now… be safe, I know I will try, but they are cute ladies.

Nov. 12 – Might be time to move on

Well, I thought hanging around this great little town a bit longer would produce something new, but I might be wrong.  I need to look at my map and work out a route to the coast.  With the crazy activity of the animals, the bears have started attacking cars, I think it’ll take me a long time to get there.  The animals have been really getting into it and attacking people, pets, their reflections, it’s really strange.  I actually saw a group of dogs take down a full grown deer and tear it apart, it was insane.  I don’t go anywhere without a pistol and a long gun on me now.

OK, I think that’s all I’m telling you.  I need to really plot this route. Stay safe everyone.

Blue out!

Nov. 9 – Rest and recollection

Spent a couple of days laid up in my room feeling like I needed to hurl or blow up the turlet, but I’m better now.  I also spent those few days eating nothing but vegetables, toast and soup to help keep me hydrated and nourished while I was having those horrible feelings.  I never got the chance to run out and restock The Beast since right after I said I was, the hell started.  So today I went and reloaded The Beast and emptied the grey and black water tanks, refilled the potable tanks and the gas tanks, including the jerry cans.  Made sure the generators and the solar panel were clean and working as well.  It took basically all day to do a task that usually takes three maybe four hours max due to all the weird animal activity and the escalating attacks from the predators and even some of the less scary animals like chipmunks and rabbits, it’s really odd.  I mean I kinda understood what the Duke guys said but it’s still hard to wrap my head around it.

In other news, I think I may have spotted that buck from the cabin.  Of course I’ve spent days just blitzed outta my mind, so I could be wrong.  Well, I think it’s time for another soup, salad and toast.  I’ll talk atcha a bit later folks.

Blue out!

Nov. 6 – The Duke and the Dutchess

Well I learned something while at Duke University; apparently, the Earth is in the beginning stages of switching magnetic poles.  What does this mean?  Maybe an extinction level event, maybe just a relearning of how to use a compass and some satellite maneuvering, which would cost billions of dollars.  But I was talking to a teachers assistant in the physics department, he was an astrophysicist, and he explained that “every so often” the Earth switches poles.  It has happened a few times over our planets life time and they usually mean a new ice age is on the way.  The archaeologists cannot find any animal fossils from these that seem out of place so the smart guys are thinking that studying what is happening now will give us a clue what “may have” happened  500,000 years ago.  Freaky.

So the animals have gotten a bit more adventurous and are beginning to from large packs and groups and go hunting.  I saw a pack of wolves, about 30 of them, take down a moose, let me let that sink into your head for a second.  Yes, I said moose, in North Carolina, weird times my friends.  It took me almost an entire day to get back to Raleigh and my extended stay place I’m using as a base for right now.  I also feel that it may be time to pack up and get going towards the coast again.  I’m feeling some time on a barrier island is calling me.  I’m going to hole up here still and plan a good route on major interstates and highways for the next few days.  Also, I’m going to restock The Beast so that I’m not lacking for anything.  I’m thinking about buying an electric dehydrator too, so I can make jerky.  It’s a good idea.

Blue out!

Nov 4 – Asheville, NC and how!

Sorry for the lack of posting on here I have been busy and in the mountains so oddly not a lot of coverage for a signal for some odd reason.

Great town last I recall Asheville, so here I am.  Made it in at about two in the morning so I got a nap in the Monster for a while until the birds were crazy loud at around six.  So here I am eating breakfast.

Guess I should try and recap all the details up to now.

Decided to hit the back roads and some dirt trails.  The towns were light but the animals are absolutely nuts out there in the bush.  Deer, bear, other creatures in the roads all over the place.  Was slow going and hard to keep from hitting animals on the road pretty much everywhere and at odd times of the day.  Not sure what is going on but it is odd.  Small town south of Vogal State Park seems to even some of the locals fighting in the places I stopped at.  Haywire, best I can say.  Talk is that some people have not been copping with the odd animal activity.  I overheard details about large bears and cats in the hills.

Guessing the animal issues are getting to everyone.  Not sure it was true till I was driving around some birds that refused to fly off that were in the road and saw something huge in the rearview mirror.  Was more a peripheral split second view of something so when I started scanning rearward I did not see it.  Blew off the rumors till I saw something to prove that correct.  Blamed my being tired and that I must have saw something from my imagination.

Sleep was near impossible at night.  Almost like the animals were lost on what night was.  Lots of movement noise and other howling and growling kept me on edge too.

I did get to stop at a few places that were nice though.  A few places to eat off the beaten path and most of them I was the only one in the places.  So no real conversation other than a local that worked there and most were not talking much to me.

Near Sylva hit 23 and headed here to Asheville.  Figured maybe get to a real city and see how things were.  Maybe get a gig place to sleep other than Monster for a night.

Anyways made for interesting nights and the last few days I really drove through sleeping when I could day or night.

Food time, maybe some bacon, biscuits and eggs.  Maybe see about a place to stay a night in. The Jeep is not bad at all on how I got the bed in but maybe the walls in a place will help with noise.

Done for now.  Be safe!

Nov. 3 – Need sleep, and maybe a new liver and kidneys.

Well, I dropped off the couple I picked up in Asheville for that city’s brewery tour and then slept an entire day.  Well I was up long enough to sit in a hot tub and order a pitcher of cold water and a bucket of ice, plus a high fiber and high carb lunch and dinner.  I still have a bit of a headache and my eyes feel like someone poured sand on them, but wouldn’t change that crazy experience of anything in the world.  For a bit more than two weeks I ate and drank my way through three cities in North Carolina, met some great people, and got to forget about the world around me for a while.  Speaking of that, I got back to my hotel in Raleigh and the General Manager of the place said he had heard me asking questions about the animals, weather and the sky before I went on the binge.  He summed up the last couple of weeks to me while I drank a gallon of OJ and ate some waffles.  Apparently the lights in the night sky have become a nightly thing and there are tons of photographs of it changing colors and making odd shapes.  Then, as I dug into a bowl of Fruit Loops, he explained to me that bears and cougars along with extremely large wolves, have been seen rummaging dumpsters and attacking pets and other animals kept outside.  During the day there are times the sky becomes black as thousands of birds fly overhead.  Even though this time of year is usually when it starts getting cold, the GM told me that this year it has been strangely colder than ever before.  This is not sounding very good.  I need to go to Duke University or something and talk to an expert or at least someone with more knowledge about stuff like this than me.

The rest of my day today was spent surfing the interwebs for info on what might be happening and curling up under the covers trying to recuperate and build some energy so I can plan my next set of moves.  Oh well, Duke will be what I do tomorrow and then, who knows.  I’ll just have to play it by ear.

Blue out!

Nov.1- I can’t feel my feet.

Oh brother.  This beer tour was a great/horrible idea.  I need about a week of recuperation after the last few days.  The Asheville list of breweries that we hit goes like this: Burial Brewing Company, Highland Brewing Company, Hi-Wire Brewing, New Belgium Brewing and Wicked Weed Brewing.  That the latter two we were plied with 8 – 12% beers and then, of course I had to buy some to take with me.  Oh my whole body aches and I think my liver went on strike.  I’m hanging here in Asheville for one more day then back to Raleigh to sleep for a week.  I think my idea is sound just not something you should try in a two week period.  I think spreading it out over, lets say a year, would be better.  OK, this is all I can give you for now.  Time to go hurl.

Blue out!

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